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Need to rebuild your old Fox
AirShox?  We can help. Fox no
longer provides parts for the
AirShox, but we manufacture
the bladders here in our shop
to offer you the lowest price you
will find.

The bladders and all additional
parts we offer are listed on this
page.  You are welcome to call
or email if you have any


Our rebuild includes new
bladders, new seal kit,
new oil, and pressurizing
with nitrogen.

$275.00* + S/H

*Additional charge may
apply depending on how
dirty the internal
components are.

If needed, bushings will be
included for an additional

Fox Racing Shox

Village Creek MX


TX Vintage Racing Club
Fox Air Shox Bladders,  Fox Air Shock bladders, Fox rebuild kit, fox airshox parts
We sell bladders for the Fox AirShox in two sizes.  Measure your shock fully
extended from eye to eye center.  Price is for a pair.  

16-1/4" and over will use the long size.
15-3/4" and under will use the short size.

*Note*  New bladders will not match the length of your used bladders
due to oil absorption and expansion in your shock during use.
1 Pair $51.00
Fox AirShox Seal Kit Fox Air shock seal kit Fox rebuild kit
Our seal kit completes 1 pair of shocks.  
2- seals (99-0020)
2- wipers (99-0010)
2-shaft bearing o-rings (99-0030),
2-top out bumper o-rings (99-0050)
2- bottom out bumper (99-0140)
2- end cap o-rings (99-0080)
1Kit - $41.00
Piston Rings
Fox Airshox Piston Rings Fox Air Shocks Piston Rings
Piston rings machined from Teflon
1 Set - $28.00
Fox Airshox Bushings Fox Air Shocks Bushings
Bushings machined from heat treated 4140 steel in two sizes.

8 mm - set of 8
10 mm - set of 8
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Copy of original Fox AirShox manual.
Fox Airshox Manual, Fox Air Shocks manual
1 Copy - $10.00
Replica Fox Airshox Stickers
1 Set is 4 stickers
Fox Airshox Stickers, Fox Air Shocks stickers
1 Set - $18.00